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Israel Jimah was converted from Islam as a high school student in 1975 while Lina was saved in 1984 from a background of Idol worship. Israel and Lina Jimah have been in the service of the Lord as ordained ministers for many years. In 1991 they founded Flames of Fire Ministries International in Lagos Nigeria. They traveled as field ministers from 1992 visiting many nations with the power of the gospel of Christ and also planted churches.


Their spiritual father, Archbishop W.R. Portee, founder of Southside Christian Palace Church Los Angeles CA and Southside Christian Palace Fresno Deliverance Church, installed them as the Pastors of Fresno Deliverance Church to salvage the church from closing down and to turn it into the growing church that it is today.


Since then, the Holy Spirit has moved through the Jimahs whose children work along with them, to raise up the church. Graciously Jesus has added to the church and added some men and women, who have joined hands with the Pastor and First Lady in building up the church as volunteers.


Fresno Deliverance Church now Victorious Saints Deliverance Church is growing week after week as the Lord adds to His people. The church has weekly, monthly, periodic and annual programs that God is using to transform the lives of many people in the community to the glory of His holy name.


Everyone is welcome to join Victorious Saints Deliverance Church to experience God in a new and dynamic way.

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