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Get your copy of GOLIATH KILLERS by Israel Jimah today and see the Lion of Judah in you roar and crush your Goliath under your feet.

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Jesus died to save us from sin and from the kingdom of darkness. You can become saved today by calling upon Jesus for your salvation. To be born again please pray the following prayer with all of your heart right now.

"Oh God, I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and I confess that He is alive today. I hereby receive Him as my personal Lord and Saviour now and forever. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Raising up more and more Jesus like disciples to affect the nations for Christ with Kingdom Dominion.


Getting every member increasingly filled with and led by the Holy Spirit.

Enlist in the Spiritual War Academy

Thanks for enlisting.

CALL FOR PRAYER NOW. 1-800-857-7089

Healing and Deliverance Prayer Request.

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                                                                                         MIRACLES IN MODESTO CALIFORNIA


By the grace of God, Jesus uses our ministry to touch over 2 million souls by radio in Liberia and over 30 million souls by television in Pakistan every single week through healing moments. Jesus is transforming lives every week and also through our healing moments rally events and also by blessing God's people from church to church.


On Sunday, May 24th, 2020 Jesus sent Apostle Israel Jimah to minister at The Rock Church of Pastor Tim Swanson in Modesto California and the power of the Lord was present to heal His people.  After preaching on "Effective Faith", the man of God gave the call to salvation and 5 people responded and prayed the sinners' prayer. How awesome.


Then he prayed for the sick and Jesus performed instant miracles. The first testifier gladly told us how Jesus healed her stomach instantly. The second testifier had a growth in her left side and was praying it is not cancerous. But after prayer, I asked her to reach for the growth and to her shock, it had vanished, instantly healed by the Lord of miracles.


The third testifier had hearing difficulties but Jesus instantly opened his ears and they could hear clearly. The fourth testifier had issues with both her neck and her spine but Jesus healed her instantly and to her shock, every symptom was gone at the sound of the almighty name of Jesus.


The next testifier had issues with his head and his left leg but Jesus healed him instantly. He was shocked. The next testifier was in tears. She had not been able to walk without pains but Jesus touched her and that was it, instantly healed. As the man of God asked her to demonstrate how she can now walk without pains she said "I can even run" and she ran back and forth with no pains at all.


The final testifier was healed of issues with his legs. He had a problem standing up and moving freely but Jesus healed him instantly and he began to visibly demonstrate his newfound freedom in Christ.



If you like to join our ministry partnership with monthly support of $25 or more for the next 12 months and receive your thank-you copy of GOLIATH KILLERS please click HERE







The God of Elijah is still working today. Kindly allow me a few minutes to share the mighty acts of Jehovah, to whom belongs all praise and glory forever. Before God uses me in a particular way He usually reveals it to me in a dream or vision. This has been His pattern with me for over four decades.

Some months ago I saw in a dream that God brought down physical fire from heaven as I was ministering and then He told me that He wants to use me like He used Prophet Elijah in bringing down heaven’s fire physically. I did not know that it was going to happen so soon. Many years ago the word of the Lord came unto me from heaven saying “I have delivered the enemy into thy hands, stand upon thy feet and stretch forth thy hands before thee, behold I give unto thee the release of power…”


Jesus has graciously used our ministry to minister to over two million Liberians by radio every week for years now and we have received a very large number of amazing testimonies of God’s power transforming lives through Healing Moments broadcast week after week. Harriet and her husband, Richmond who lives in Liberia suffered from terrible demonic oppression for four years. Whenever they woke up in the morning they would see worms all over their bed and this went on for four years until Jesus brought down physical fire from heaven as we were praying for our listeners on Healing Moment’s radio broadcast on the 9th of February 2020. 


Lets read the testimony as reported to us by Harriet in her own words.“Hey Apostle Jimah, God has been merciful to me through this ministry for the past four years whenever my husband and I wake up in the morning we always find worms all over the bed. People told me that it was a curse so I decided to put it in prayers. I used to pray every Healing Moments night for God to save us. On the 9th of February 2020 as Pastor Israel was praying I felt the room getting hot and suddenly our bed caught fire and worms were coming out of the bed. When we lifted up the bed we saw a black pot under the bed. Since that fire went out we have not seen any worms again. I am thankful to the almighty for His grace upon us”

– Harriet and Richmond Bedell, Kakata City, Liberia.


Jesus also healed many other people on that day including Anna Jackson whose many years sight problem was instantly gone and Maria Sieh, who was confined to her hospital bed and could not walk for two years. God mentioned her case as I ministered and instantly the Holy Spirit came on her and she stood and began to walk, even though her doctors had said she will never walk again.


We want to encourage you today, whatever battle you are facing, Jesus will give you victory if you just trust Him and stay with Him. Whatever the enemy is doing against you today, we trust God to reach out to you and consume the forces of darkness in Jesus' name. Whether you see the fire or not, it is real. All the praise and the glory belong to the Great God Jehovah and His Son, Jesus Christ who sits upon the throne. We are praying for you.


Israel Jimah

Missionary to America


JESUS the Lion and the Lamb mighty to save.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I watch videos of your ministry?

Yes, you can watch our vidoes by clicking our video on demand link right here on the this website and also by visiting our Youtube Channel (Victorious Saints Deliverance Church) Kindly subscribe so you will know when we release new videos.

What are the weekly services and programs of Victorious Saints Deliverance Church?

Teusday : Moment of Hope on Facebook Live from church Facebook page. 7pm Pacific Time. Wednesday : Healing and Deliverance Service at 7pm Sunday : Worship service at 10am Home bible study every other Monday at 6pm

How can I make a donation to support Israel Jimah World Outreach programs?

You can easily make your donations on our home page and our donation page with any standard credit or debit card from anywhere in the world. We also receive donations through Paypal address : donations@fresnodeliverance.org Within the US and Canada donations can also be made payable to and mailed in to our church office Victorious Saints Deliverance Church Israel Jimah World Outreach Inc. 3760 N First St. Fresno CA 93726

What is Healing Moments?

Healing moments is the radio and television outreach arm of our ministry reaching people with the love and power of Jesus Christ around the world. Presently we reach over 30 million people each week through radio and television in America, Liberia, Pakistan and beyond. Jesus is doing amazing things through healing moments every single week, saving, healing, delivering transforming and building up His people around the world. We organize healing moments rallies from city to city watch for a rally coming to a city near you.

What is Healing Moments Rally?

Healing Moments Rallies are our mobile crusades from city to city where we minister the saving, healing and delivering power of God to precious people. In these rallies Jesus performs great miracles and transforms many lives. Watch out for a rally coming to a city near you.

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